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Crystal jewellery guide: the best crystals to wear
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Crystal jewellery guide: the best crystals to wear

Crystal jewellery not only looks good, but it can also bring all sorts of positive energies and, some say, boost your chances of health, wealth and happiness.

While there’s no scientific evidence to back up that argument, that hasn’t stopped people from wearing crystal jewellery since the ancient Roman days.

Whether you're looking for increased good energy or specific healing powers, crystal jewellery can help – and it can make you look great to boot.

Here, the team at Jewellery Obsession identify six of their favourite crystals to wear for spiritual revitalisation.

Rose quartz

Pretty pink rose quartz – also known as 'the heart stone' – is intricately connected to the chakra of the heart and it has incredible healing powers if the wearer has suffered emotional heartache.

It can also help you in your quest to attract more love and trust. This does not necessarily have to be romantic love, but something more platonic, intimate and affectionate but not sexual.

Rose quartz jewellery can also bring confidence, providing you with more enjoyment of your own company and allowing you to appreciate yourself for who you are without worrying too much about what others may think. It is particularly suited to Leos and Cancers.

As it's the heart stone, rose quartz is particularly effective when worn as a necklace so the crystal is close to your heart.

Tiger’s eye

This crystal is a warm reddish brown with iron stripes and is said to bring boundless self-confidence and formidable inner strength.

It also boasts emotional healing properties and helps the wearer to stay strong, centred and connected to their core regardless of what goes on around them.

Tiger’s eye will wipe away the toxic energies that are dragging you down and help you understand and smooth over issues in difficult relationships.

Tiger’s eye jewellery is a great way to say sorry if you have had difficulty in one of your relationships and want to give the gift of meaningful jewellery. It's also particularly suited to Geminis.

Red jasper

The beautiful deep red jasper is a highly protective stone known for guarding against threats and all evils. It is also known for maintaining healthy blood circulation and keeping the body in a constant state of detox.

If you tend to be shy when it comes to sexual encounters, red jasper can be used to help heal sexual issues in couples and individuals.

It is said to enhance the recuperative powers of meditation, promote sexual interest and compatibility with a partner, and boost creative courage, passion, and a healthy attitude towards sex. If this resonates with you, see our collection of red jasper jewellery.


This opaque, green-banded crystal is said to have great powers of protection. It flushes out toxic emotions, unwanted energies, and negativity.

It imparts courage, wisdom, and the confidence to say “no”, no matter what emotional pressure is being brought to bear.

Malachite is known as the 'stone of transformation' and can help the wearer embrace change calmly yet enthusiastically.

Malachite is a striking crystal, almost mystical in appearance when set in jewellery, especially in necklaces.

Blue agate

Blue agate is associated with truth, loyalty and reliability, and it is thought it can harmonise positive energies while calming the spirit and soul.

Its importance for protection and healing has been recognized since the time of the Ancient Greeks. It was revered in ancient Indian and Chinese civilizations.

Blue agate’s positive energy is ideal for helping build relationships and trust through clear and concise communication. For that reason, it is most effective to wear blue agate in necklace form. It is particularly suited to Aquarius and Pisces zodiac signs.

Lapis lazuli

The deep blue lapis lazuli crystal is said to stimulate wisdom, good judgement and intellectual analysis. Healers using the crystal say it boosts the desire for knowledge, aids the learning process and strengthens the memory.

Lapis is also regarded as a crystal of truth and honesty, and helps develop long-lasting relationships.

Wear a piece of lapis lazuli jewellery for an audition, job interview or exam and your day will be filled with confidence, clear thinking, common sense and candid communication.



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