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Why Aquarius and Pisces need blue agate
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Why Aquarius and Pisces need blue agate

The gemstone blue agate, or blue lace agate as it is also known, is widely treasured for its gentle healing qualities. It is regarded with special fondness by those born under the star signs of Aquarius and Pisces. 

What is blue agate?

Like most agates, blue agate is a chalcedony, a member of the quartz family of minerals. It is formed as a nodule in volcanic rocks, lava or from filled veins or cracks in volcanic rock.

Agate is a fairly common rock formation and as well as the striking blue, it manifests in a wide variety of other colours.

What does blue agate do spiritually?

Blue agate is strongly connected to the heart chakra and the throat chakra. The stone is often worn as a pendant or kept in a pocket by public speakers, singers, actors and musicians.

Its importance for healing was recognised by the ancient Greeks and its powers were also revered by ancient Indian and Chinese civilizations.

Where does blue agate come from?

Blue agate is thought to have been discovered in Namibia and the country is still where most natural variants of the gemstone are mined. However, deposits are also found in parts of India, South Africa, Brazil, China and throughout the USA.

An alternative to naturally occurring blue agate was developed in Germany in the 16th century with a technique to dye lighter or colourless stones in the natural gemstone’s likeness. 

How does blue agate influence Aquarius?

Aquarians are assertive and creative but they can be impulsive loners. Being a personal power stone and natural healer, blue agate provides Aquarius with foresight, vision and self-confidence.

The gemstone is also used as a means of healing and building strong emotional health in order to keep physical health in check.

It is a symbol of freedom and serenity to lower stress, which can boost the immune system. For those lacking in confidence, blue agate is highly recommended. It’s said to help you verbalise and communicate effectively by removing stress issues.

Blue agate is also believed to help cure many ailments of the throat, so if you feel like your throat chakra is out of balance, consider placing the blue agate near your throat by buying a blue agate necklace or meditate with the crystal resting on your throat. 

How does blue agate influence Pisces?

The healing stone of blue agate has a watery, oceanic tranquil quality which synchronises perfectly with the personality of Pisces.

Protecting the heart and throat chakras, the gemstone will harmonise the Pisces emotions, boosting calm and confidence, while amplifying inner peace.

For Pisces, the blue agate works best when worn next to the skin, as a pendant hanging close to the heart and throat where the stone’s vibrating powers can be most effective. 

Consider the Angel Whisperer Powerful Stone Blue Agate Pendant Necklace, for example, or the Angel Whisperer Powerful Stone Blue Agate Pearl Pendant Necklace, both of which are perfect for Pisces.

Blue agate is also an excellent gemstone to help and enhance Pisces in meditation. 

How does one harness the magical power of blue agate?

You can display blue agate in a shared room in an office or at home to aid effective communication between people. It is especially effective for public speakers, singers and writers. 

It is also powerful when worn as jewellery, preferable as a necklace that hangs next to the skin and close to the heart and throat chakras.



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