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How to restore the natural energies of your Powerful Stone
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How to restore the natural energies of your Powerful Stone

Your powerful stone will have passed through many places and many hands on its journey to you, exposing it to many different energies that may not align with your own.  Regular cleansing and recharging your stone is the only way to restore its natural state. Here we will share some of our favourite cleansing methods and how to marry a stone to your own intentions.

Banish Negativity with Salt

Use salt to banish negativity

Salt has long been used to extract and retain harmful negative energies from anything exposed to it.

If you are near the coast try to collect some seawater, if not then you can mix a tablespoon of rock, sea or table salt into a bowl of water.  Allow your stone to soak for up to 48 hours.  When you feel the soaking time is up remove your stone and pat dry with a soft cloth. 

Be sure to pour away the contaminated salt water to rid your aura of the unwanted forces.

Please do NOT use this method for soft, porous stones or stones that contain trace metals, such as malachite, lapis lazuli, selenite, halite, calcite, lepidolite, and angelite.

Dismiss Negativity from Any Stone with Brown Rice

Use brown rice to dismiss negativity from any stone

This method is safe to use on any stone and is especially effective for protection stones such as malachite and black tourmaline. 

Simply fill a bowl with enough brown rice to completely cover your stone.  Then submerge your stone, ensuring all surfaces are in contact with the rice and leave for up to 24 hours to purge the unfavourable energies.  

As with the saltwater, please dispose of the brown rice immediately after cleansing to keep your aura free from negative factors. 

Neutralise Negativity with Running Water

Neutralise negativity with running water

Widely used to neutralise anything, water provides a quick and convenient means of redressing the balance of your stone to earth.  

If you are near a natural freshwater source, like a stream, and it is safe to do so, both for you and your stone, then allow the water to cleanse your stone for around 1 minute.  The organic, unclouded waters will centre both you and your stone.  

Similar outcomes can be achieved at home under your tap.  Allow yourself to take this moment to steady your breathing to find your inner quiet and calm. 

For either method, be sure to pat dry with a soft cloth before bringing your stone close to absorb all your positivity.

Use this method for any hard stones, such as quartz or amethyst.

Marrying a Stone to Your Intentions

Despite your stone carrying its own intrinsic healing properties, setting your stone to work on specific areas can provide great results. 

Start by either holding the stone close to the area of your body or laying flat and resting the stone on your corresponding chakra or the part of your body.  Relax, steady your breathing and feel the energies of your cleansed stone chime with your own.  Envisage the mutually beneficial energies intermingling through your mind and body, charging you as you charge it. 

Speak to the stone throughout the interaction, either verbally or silently, asking for help with the challenges you are facing.  Remember to thank your stone for its presence and support before spending a final few moments of peace and tranquillity.  



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