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Best crystals to promote positivity and remove negativity energy
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Best crystals to promote positivity and remove negativity energy

A positive mindset can bring all manner of health benefits, from reducing stress and boosting your immune system to helping to keep your emotions balanced. But sometimes you need a little help to stay positive.

Some people believe that crystals can help keep your personal positivity fully charged. Here the crystal experts at Jewellery Obsession identify five crystals that may do just that.

Give your communication skills a boost with blue agate

Blue agate aligns with the heart and throat chakra and is most powerful when worn as a necklace. When you carry the crystal or wear it in a piece of jewellery, it will help you maintain your composure, enhance your compassion and improve the way you communicate with others. The crystal will also help banish feelings of anxiety.

When we can express ourselves fully and clearly, we tend to shed bad feelings and negativity and enjoy periods of contentment.

Lapis lazuli helps to ease social anxiety

Communicative and intuitive, lapis lazuli opens your throat and third eye chakra. The crystal helps you embrace truth and honesty and will help you make decisions that are right for both your heart and your mind.

It will enable you to love with sincerity and grace and to have confidence in your own wisdom and the decisions you make. These traits combine to enable you to live a richer and more fulfilling life.

Like blue agate, lapis lazuli is most powerful when worn as a necklace.

Harness the protective powers of malachite

Malachite protects you by flushing out toxic emotions, unwanted energies, and all traces of negativity. The crystal imparts courage, wisdom, and the confidence to say “no,” regardless of emotional pressures.

Known as the “stone of transformation,” malachite can help the wearer calmly and enthusiastically embrace change. Malachite is a striking crystal, almost mystical in appearance when set in jewellery, especially in necklaces.

Choose rose quartz for empathy

Whether mulling over love woes or in a period of recovery after heartache, rose quartz worn close to the heart will provide positive energies to provide you with a daily dose of deep compassion. This stone’s healing strengths promote empathy, trust, and an open heart. These are all traits needed to establish a positive, valued and vibrant life.

Tiger’s eye emboldens and boosts confidence

Tiger’s eye jewellery provides strength and confidence, making it perfect for those who want to thrive rather than simply survive. Confidence can lead to improved self-esteem, and help you make bold and difficult decisions. The crystal can also help you discard all dangers of negative energy.

Have varying needs?

If you need a little bit from every crystal, take a look at our pendant crystal necklace bundle. This includes all the interchangeable crystals as well as the chain and pendant holder at a discounted price. Perfect if you need a boost in a number of areas in your life.



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