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Let the Valentine's bling sing about your affections
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Let the Valentine's bling sing about your affections

Some people say it with flowers, others prefer a gift of chocolate, but the best way to manifest your affections on Valentine’s Day, and, in fact, on any day of the year, is with jewellery. 

Nothing can sum up your feelings for someone quite like a well-chosen piece of jewellery. Here the team at Jewellery Obsession showcase some of their favourite glistening tokens of love.

Angel Whisperer rose quartz crystal capsule pendant necklace

Rose quartz crystals are known as the ‘stone of love’ and represent deep unconditional affection. The pretty pink rose quartz pendant will banish negative and anxious vibrations and replace them with loving energy. This helps attract people on your wavelength and opens your heart to accept them.

The rose quartz is particularly suited to Leo and Cancer zodiac signs. It's also perfect for him, for her, and for them and it illustrates your love perfectly.

Silver & rose gold heart wing stud earrings

These spiritual earrings promise peace and love. By gifting your heart, protected by the wings of angels, you will be telling that special someone exactly how you feel.

These dainty silver heart studs can be paired with subtle earrings or make a bolder statement by pairing them with hoops.

Silver & rose gold heart wing necklace

Nothing attracts like-minded people more than a subtle nod in the form of a beautiful piece of jewellery. The two-toned pendant works perfectly for those who can’t choose between silver and rose gold.

You could even make it a double surprise by presenting your loved one with the matching bracelet too.

Meda silver rose twist bracelet

The silver rose twist bracelet’s delicate strands of rose gold vermeil and sterling silver entwine like your arms in a passionate embrace. It is symbolic of the way your hearts, hopes and aspirations are tangled in togetherness. The bracelet is also available in simple silver too, if you prefer.

Meda Arcus multi-coloured necklace

This Arcus necklace is pretty, delicate and subtle, its multi-coloured hanging stones complementing anything you wear and matching any mood you’re in.

The daintiest statement stud earrings

This Valentine’s Day make a statement of your affections by gifting these dainty star earrings or, if you prefer, heart earrings. Crafted from durable sterling silver, these earrings are made to last and will certainly sparkle long after the flowers have wilted and the chocolate has been eaten.

Isn’t it time you treated someone special? 

If you’re buying for a loved one or even yourself (remember, you’re special too!) check out the full range at Jewellery Obsession. Celebrate Valentine’s and all your happy days with a gift that everyone will love.



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