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Gemstones to keep spooky spirits away at Halloween
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Gemstones to keep spooky spirits away at Halloween

Gemstones have protective powers against ghosts, spirits and paranormal activity and some think it would be tempting fate not to carry any with you during Halloween. 

They argue the power of the stones acts as a spiritual cloak against negativity and fear, while also grounding the wearer, helping you remain calm, coherent, logical and level-headed. 

Here we provide a guide of the best gemstones to carry with you or wear as jewellery, and explain just what they can do to ensure you remain safe and sound on the night of witches, warlocks, and all the things that go bump in the night, in the festival more formally referred to as All Hallows’ Eve. 


Amethyst is mainly known as a soothing crystal, but it is also useful when you have a problem, anxiety or worry that you can’t put out of your mind. When matched with a protective stone such as Jet or Shungite, it can provide comfort and succour when other-worldly spirits manifest themselves. 


Aquamarine is said to magnify any occult powers the wearer possesses. It can also counteract the lure of dark spirits and demons and at one time was thought to be an antidote to poisoning. Legend suggests these aqua stones have been taken from the treasure of mermaids to protect sailors from the perils of the sea and cure their seasickness.


Carnelian was used by the Ancient Egyptians to ward off evil spirits. It is also said to guard against injury caused by falling walls or buildings, and many people through the centuries have used it to forestall the devil, prevent spirits from reading your mind, and as a potent protection from spells.


During the Victorian period, red coral was given to children to protect them from becoming a “changeling” – a fairy child swapped and left in the place of a human child. You’ll often see Victorian rattles with red coral incorporated in its design. Coral is also said to guard against demonic powers, curses, the evil eye, and to ward off succubus or incubus demons.


Legend says that when a diamond is freely given, its numerous powers are activated. The Ancient Romans wore diamonds on the left side of the body to guard against night demons, and the stone is still thought to prevent nightmares. In the middle ages, diamonds were used as amulets against demons, plague, pestilence, and sorcery.


A popular amulet of the middle ages, you can place this gemstone under your pillow to guard against evil spirits during the night. Garnet was also used for general protection against malevolent spiritual forces, as well as to guide the wearer through darkness and to protect from poison.

A combination of Hematite, Jasper and Tiger's Eye


A combination of these three gemstones will frustrate malignant spirits and spells. Hematite is thought to be a cure for the evil eye, a magical, malevolent glare that brings bad luck, accident, and ill health. Jasper can also offer general protection, but is potent against evil spirits and is said to deter venomous creatures. Tiger’s eye, along with added protection from the evil eye, bolsters courage and can ward off harmful spirit intrusions.

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This gemstone will be a comfort placed by the bedside of children who are afraid of the dark. Many also attest that howlite provides protection against unwanted ghosts, ghouls and phantom spirits at large during the hours of darkness. 


Jet is a powerful protector, reputedly able to safeguard against negativity, curses and hexes. It grounds the user to where they are on Earth, reminding them of their place in reality and time. Particularly effective in moments of solitude, jet can ward off bad dreams or lessen the negative effect they may have on you. 

Lapis Lazuli

The Egyptian Book of the Dead – a collection of texts describing magical spells that the Egyptians thought would guarantee their dearly departed safe passage into the afterlife – is the earliest recorded history of semi-precious stones being used for protection. Before death, lapis lazuli was used by the Egyptians to cure demonic possession.

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Onyx can help when investigating the paranormal because it protects from harmful spirits and can prevent a spirit from draining psychic energy. It shields against all psychic attacks by absorbing and transmuting negative energy, making it particularly effective against black magic. 


Opals were worn by ancient monarchs not only for their beauty but for their purported protective powers. Set into crowns and worn as necklaces, opals were said to ward off evil spirits. 


The pearl can grant its wearer extraordinary foresight, protecting them from danger. It can also be used as an amulet that will guard against the threat of the evil eye.


Peridot is a deep yellowish-green transparent variety of olivine, which has historical roots in spiritual practices. It is associated with protection, purity, and emotional balance. Some mediums and paranormal investigators believe that a ghostly presence can dramatically shift the mood in a room. Wearing peridot jewellery may reduce the intensity of the situation.


Quartz crystal can be used to counter black magic, demonic possession and the evil eye, but it also acts as a strong channel for bonding with the spirit realm and communing with higher spirits.

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Rubies are said to have magical powers of protection, but only when worn by their rightful owners. Worn by royalty as a talisman against evil and wrongdoing, the rich red stone was similar to a mood ring in that it would grow darker when danger was imminent and return to its original colour when all peril had passed.


Sapphires protect against misfortune, fraud, enemies, violence, the evil eye, and psychic attacks. According to Buddhist tradition, Sapphires also have special powers to induce trances. 


This dark crystal is renowned for its protective qualities. Shungite is believed to deflect external sources of bad vibes. Keep your shungite on display in any room where you sense otherworldly activity – or, for day-long protection, keep it in your pocket.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz is great for safety, tranquillity, and strength. Users experience a sense of calm when holding smoky quartz, making it a great gemstone to possess when investigating or being subjected to paranormal activity.



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