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Why Geminis need tiger's eye
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Why Geminis need tiger's eye

Once more precious than gold, tiger’s eye was traditionally used to ward off curses, increase self-confidence and induce the power and courage of the queen of the jungle. It is especially effective and protective of those born under the birth sign of the twins, Gemini. 

What is tiger’s eye?

Tiger’s eye, often nicknamed the Shapeshifter, is a member of the chalcedony mineral class family, a microcrystalline type of quartz occurring in several different forms including onyx and agate. It has a silky lustre and opaque transparency. Tiger’s eye is commonly a metamorphic rock that comes in shades of reddish brown with iron stripes.

Where does tiger’s eye come from?

Tiger’s eye is mined primarily in South Africa and Western Australia but, despite its mystical powers, it is a fairly common gemstone around the world. Common sources also include Burma, India, Namibia, the United States, Brazil, Canada, China, Korea, and Spain.

The stone has been mined and its powers revered for centuries. More than 5,000 years ago the stone was believed to ward off the “evil eye”, and Roman soldiers wore engraved tiger’s eye as an amulet to protect them in battle.

How does tiger’s eye influence Geminis?

Geminis can rely on the tiger’s eye for courage, strength, and self-confidence. It is also a powerful aid for self-reflection and clarity of mind when it comes to making plans for the future. This is especially useful for Geminis who constantly juggle and cogitate over the twins’ contrasting ideas and aspirations.

Connected to both the root and the sacral chakra, the tiger’s eye has many healing benefits that help to balance physical and emotional wellbeing. 

How does one harness the magical power of tiger’s eye?

Tiger’s eye may be rock hard but it acts as a natural sponge to mop up toxic energies. To keep the stone in good condition, it needs to be cleansed regularly and cleared of all toxicity and negativity. 

The tiger’s eye can be cleansed with a little soap and water but for a deep clean, bury it in the garden for a night or put it beneath a tree to allow it to reconnect with mother earth and find its strength once more. The moonlight will accelerate and intensify that cleansing process, improving the gemstone’s power and efficiency.

Once cleansed, place the tiger’s eye near your front door or close to a window to fill the home with clear thinking and positivity. It can also be used in a nursery or child’s bedroom to keep young ones safe and protected. And if the tiger's eye is worn as jewellery, you can carry the stone’s power with you wherever you go. We would recommend the Angel Whisperer Powerful Stone Tiger's Eye Pearl Pendant Necklace or Angel Whisperer Powerful Stone Tiger’s Eye Pendant Necklace for added protection in your daily life.



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