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The best crystals for change and transformation
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The best crystals for change and transformation

With the New Year comes a new age of optimism and a desire to change things for the better. 

It’s a good time to enhance your mood and resolve with a little help from the mystical healing powers of crystals. And the best crystals for that are malachite and rose quartz. Whether it’s help in sticking to a New Year’s resolution, or support in achieving more, these should be your go to crystals for 2023. 

Malachite and rose quartz are beautiful in jewellery, but they work equally well simply placed by your bedside, carried in your pocket or left at the front door of your home. 

Malachite for a new you in the New Year

Malachite envelops you with a cape of security to protect you against negative energies. The crystal’s healing powers boost confidence, increase optimism and stimulate the power chakra.

Their vibration will help you process and surpass mental obstacles preventing you from making major changes in your life.

Malachite will also enliven the imagination and enhance creativity, boost inspirational thinking and increase intuitive powers.

Wearing malachite jewellery is beneficial as this is a great way to keep the healing crystal within your aura, positively energising you each and every day.

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Rose quartz to uplift your love and your life

This pretty pink crystal is a love stone which stimulates the heart chakra and will help you attain emotional balance. That makes it perfect for strengthening personal relationships, new and established.

It will embolden you to change your life, especially in matters of the heart.

Rose quartz will help you change how you approach other people - loved ones, acquaintances and strangers - and will help you adjust to, and accept, how others choose to live their lives. It will help you treat people with compassion and to forgive them when they don’t quite live up to your own high standards and expectations. 

It also encourages inner peace and harmony and is most powerful when worn in jewellery close to the heart.

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