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The best crystals for finding love on Valentine's Day
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The best crystals for finding love on Valentine's Day

Find out about the powers of rose quartz and malachite for finding love this Valentine's Day.

Rose quartz opens the heart chakra

Rose quartz is a powerful healing stone best known for being the stone of unconditional love.

This makes it the perfect gift for your loved one on Valentine’s Day, or the perfect stone to wear if you are trying to win someone’s heart at this very special romantic time of the year.

Rose quartz is said to open the heart chakra, and vibrate powerfully, boosting love, joy and emotional healing. Its warm pink shade is also the perfect symbol of love and romance.

The crystal is especially powerful in jewellery worn close to the heart, such as in a necklace or brooch. The stone replaces negative emotions and energies with positivity and contentment.

A crystal treasured and coveted by ancient civilisations for thousands of years, rose quartz is revered as a healer of relationship problems, a promoter of mutual understanding and an inspirer of compassion and kindness.

Working hard for you and your partner, it is said the crystal will help you love and be loved, and give you the confidence to appreciate and love yourself too.

Read our blog to find out why rose quartz is especially powerful for those born under the star signs of Leo and Cancer.

Mystic green malachite: guardian of the heart

Of course, rose quartz isn’t the only crystal to consider on Valentine’s Day. Another powerful heart chakra booster is mystic green malachite.

It too works as a guardian of the heart. It is said to heal broken bones, stabilise blood pressure, and protect against the toxic flow of negative energy.

When our heart chakras are blocked, we struggle to express feelings of love or let others know our innermost emotions. Malachite gives the heart a thorough workout, removing the blockages so warmth, love, empathy and positive energy can flow freely from within.

Like rose quartz, malachite jewellery looks fantastic and is at its most potent when worn close to the heart. Alternatively, place the crystal under your pillow when you sleep and drift into dreams of love. 

Read our blog to find out why malachite is particularly good for people born under the signs of Tauraus and Capricorn.

Discover our powerful crystal jewellery

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