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Blue Agate Crystal Pendant Necklace | Calming Stone

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The Power to Calm the Mind

For thousands of years blue agate crystal has been trusted to bring calmness, balance and intuition. The cool blue colour of this powerful stone reflects its reputation for encouraging cool, clear thought and mental relaxation. 

The agate stones used in our capsule pendants are carefully selected for their purity of colour and balance of energy. The sterling silver capsule has a filigree-style design which allows energy to pass through unobstructed and highlights the beautiful pale blue of the agate crystal.  

Properties of Blue Agate Stones

The reputation of blue agate as a calming stone was already established by the time of the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans, and was prized by these ancient cultures for the protection and luck provided by its protective aura. The Ancient Greeks considered the stone to have use in soothing stress and calming anxiety, and also used it as a means to improve relationships

Eastern philosophies likewise hold that blue agate confers protection, intuition and success and has the ability to absorb negative energy. Blue agate can help to open the third eye and promote spiritual connection, intuition and clarity of thought.

For these reasons blue agate crystals have been widely believed to be beneficial in cases of depression, anxiety and stress. They may also be beneficial for those going through times of transition, or seeking openness to spiritual guidance.

Who is this Blue Agate Crystal Pendant for?

As with all blue agate items, this necklace may be particularly suited to Aquarius and Pisces, but most of us have times when we would benefit from increased calmness and mental balance. This is a great addition to any collection, and can equally be worn purely for its distinctive and elegant looks. 

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Buy your Blue Agate Crystal Pendant risk-free

The blue agate pendant necklace qualifies for free delivery, and if you are not satisfied returns are free too! We are able to offer this because we are confident you will find this versatile and attractive necklace becomes an essential part of your collection.  

What's more you can use the necklace to hold other crystals in the Powerful Stone range, so you can swap out the blue agate crystal for alternative power stones as appropriate to changing situations and times in your life. Right now, we have some fantastic bundle deals available for those who wish to be prepared for any challenge.

If you are looking for a sense of security and peace of mind, blue agate may be the stone for you. With free delivery and returns, you can buy this necklace without any worries - order your blue agate pendant necklace today. 

Product Description

The blue agate pendant necklace is a life companion like no other. Its calming blue stone may help you cope with stress and anxiety – particularly important in today’s fast-paced world.

Many people use blue agate to find balance and remove self-doubt, in turn improving confidence. The stabilising qualities of the stone are also said to help rebalance the body's energy pathways.

This stone is particularly powerful for those who have a Pisces or Aquarius zodiac sign. Ideal for him, for her, and for them.

Material: Blue agate stone and rhodium-plated 925 sterling silver pendant and chain
Size: 28.3mm, 9.4mm | Thickness: 0.75mm
Length: Adjustable between 50cm and 60cm
Colour: Blue
Closure: Lobster clasp, clip clasp
Care Guide

Unloading: Carefully place the stone under running water and rub gently with your fingers for a minute. Dry with a clean, lint-free cloth.
Energetic purification: Place the stone in a large quartz, amethyst or selenite slab or geode. Alternatively place amongst several haematite crystals.
Charging: As a moonstone, blue agate, can be charged by the moon at any phase. Blood moons should be avoided.
Cleaning: The sterling silver capsule can be cleaned with a jewellery cleaner such as Connoisseurs.

Read our blog to find out how to care for your jewellery.

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